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  • Eclipse IAM & Maven Release plugin (ApacheCon Maven Meetup)

    Published on

    Tools like Maven should make life easier for a developer, but it can be even easier. Maven is mainly a command line tool, but most developers use some kind of IDE like Eclipse to speed up development. With Eclipse IAM, Maven gets integrated into...

  • Attending ApacheCon EU 2009

    Published on

    Welcome everyone in Amsterdam for the ApacheCon EU 2009. Apologies for the typical Dutch weather, it will be raining all week. I will attend the Maven Meetup this evening and the last conference day (Friday). I’ll try to blog about it and take some...

  • Switching to fibreglass

    Published on

    This weekend I switched to XMS fibreglass for Internet, radio/TV and phone. They only charge 50 Euro per month for a 50 Mbps (up and down) internet connection, 40+ TV & 30 radio channels and a phone line. The fibreglass modem and my Fon WiFi...

  • How to add the YouTube plugin in Hippo CMS 7

    Published on

    The YouTube Template Plug-in is a very small, but cool project in the Hippo ECM forge. The plugin was created by our former intern Jeroen Tietema. With this plug-in you can easily add YouTube videos to your documents. In this blog I’ll explain how to...

  • Superfast Wifi

    Published on

    My FON Wifi router made Windows think it had a 150 Mbps connection. Pretty fast! Too bad the connection did not work and I had to reboot the FON router. Wifi connection status: 150 Mbps

  • Overpriced memory

    Published on

    Curious how much an upgrade of my iMac’s memory from 2×1 to 2×2 GB memory would cost I went to the online Apple store. Apple asks €140 for 2 GB of RAM. Thinking it would be a tiny bit overpriced I googled for other online stores and found out that...

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