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  • Steve, did you approve the iTunes Genius UI?

    Published on

    Since the latest iTunes update I have the new Genius functionality. Apple finally suggests music based on what I listen to and not only what’s in my iTunes Store basket. Last.FM already did this but why use 2 apps when one can do the job? I wonder if...

  • Converting a HashMap into a nested listing in Freemarker

    Published on

    For the e-Alert we use Freemarker as templating engine. One of the new features of the next release will be a list of all subscribed categories and interests for the recipient. All subscribed categories and interests from the database are inside a...

  • Open source soup

    Published on

    My father asked me what the difference is between closed source and open source software. We were on a party surrounded with food so I used soup as a metaphor. Closed source soup is served ready to eat in a bowl at the table by a waiter. Maybe not...

  • Wow

    Published on

    I’ve got mail

  • Importing lots of data into Hippo Repository

    Published on

    As I’m writing this blog, my laptop at Hippo is working hard. It’s importing meta data from a web service into our Slide/WebDAV based Hippo Repository. At this moment the web service contains over 270,000 entries. As a first real performance test,...

  • Receive CMS news or apple pie recipes with e-Alerts

    Published on

    Last week we added a new application to the Hippo Community Apps: e-Alerts. The e-Alerts service sends mails to your website visitors when content has been updated or added. These mails are generated based on interests of the visitors. Let’s suppose...

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