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  • Looking back at the Cocoon GetTogether

    Published on

    When I look to the right I see the lights of Rome. The plane just left Fiumicino and is flying back to Amsterdam. From chaos and last minute crisis management back to the over-organized northern Europe. From pizza and pasta back to a cheese sandwich....

  • What happens in Rome…

    Published on

    The weather is lovely, the food and wine are great and the espresso is keeping me awake. But these were (not) the real reasons I am in Rome. After five Cocoon GetTogethers in the lower countries the Italians decided to organize one. They found a...

  • My first steps with Cocoon 2.2

    Published on

    Better late than never is maybe the best description of what I did this morning. Cocoon 2.2 is about to be released but apart from Andrew Savory’s presentation at the ApacheCon I had never seen it running. I finally finished my running projects so I...

  • Hippo Community Apps released!

    Published on

    Today we have released a new version of the Hippo Community Apps. A lot of work has been done in the rewrite of the Newsletter manager and its user interface. This makes the Hippo Community Apps an open source plug in for Hippo CMS to manage mailings...

  • Cocoon 2.2 at the GetTogether

    Published on

    Cocoon 2.2 is about to be released and I’m going to try to build a website with it. It shouldn’t be rocket science, but I’m curious to see how hard or how easy it will be. At Hippo we have spent a lot of effort in creating a Project Wizard so if I...

  • Speech recognition: computer vs human 0-1

    Published on

    My Saturday newspaper wasn’t delivered today so I called the customer service. Someone decided that speech recognition would improve the speed of helping irritated customers. My irritation only raised, not lowered because of the speech confusion. I...

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