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  • Date bug

    Published on

    I thought that Y2K bugs had been solved about 9 years ago, but for some strange reasons Apple sends invoices from the year 117 (The date following "Ontvangstdatum"). Strange date in the invoice: 26/04/117 Update: after mailing Apple about...

  • Geek on the highway

    Published on

    For some reason I immediately thought of Arjé’s XML in the fast lane. License plate starting with GE EK (geek)

  • 2007 at Hippo

    Published on

    My last working day of the year was the Friday before Christmas so my working year at Hippo is over now. A lot has happened in my second year as developer for Hippo. I have built 3 websites on my own thanks to the Hippo Project Wizard. I worked on a...

  • Mii™

    Published on

    My sister Talma wrote this Sinterklaas poem for Mii™: The "surprise": my avatar and a cardboard laptop with the poem Hi, this is me my name is Jashii The founder of Mii™ Some time ago I was boring me so that I went to my familii and you know what I...

  • Running Hippo CMS in Leopard

    Published on

    After buying my new iMac I was curious how easy it was to get Hippo CMS running in Leopard (MacOS X 10.5). Well, it was very easy. I downloaded the latest stable releases of Hippo CMS and Hippo Repository, typed from the terminal sh bin/fortress.sh...

  • Fon Wifi at home

    Published on

    I had no Wifi in my house. No problem if you only use one desktop pc. From time to time I bring my work laptop to home. My Wii has built in Wifi, Ethernet is optional. So it was time to buy a Wifi router. Johan was frequently talking about Fon and...

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