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  • Apache Rave (Incubating) demo: add user and widget

    Published on

    Apache Rave is rapidly evolving to a production ready web and social mashup engine. This demo video shows you how a user can sign up, add existing widgets to his pages and add a completely new widget. reCAPTCHA and fetching the widget metadata wer...

  • Apache Rave presentation at the ROLE developer camp

    Published on

    This is the presentation I gave about Apache Rave during the ROLE project developer camp in Leuven, Belgium:

  • Apache Rave on your iPhone

    Published on

    One of the newest features in Apache Rave (Incubating) is a mobile view for the portal. Using Spring Mobile, the portal detects that the visitor uses a mobile device and renders a more lightweight view. The title bar is bigger to make it easier to...

  • Apache Rave demo video

    Published on

    I’ve been working a lot on Apache Rave lately. Apache Rave is a new light-weight, open source portal that uses OpenSocial gadgets and W3C widgets to render content. You may have already used OpenSocial gadgets in iGoogle or Atlassian Jira without ...

  • Google+ minus 1

    Published on

    A social network is like the new hip club in town. The innovators start a place that is hip, maybe a bit underground. They invite their friends who are not mainstream but know how to create a good atmosphere. Those early adopters invite their frie...

  • Cleaning up the WYSIWYG HTML

    Published on

    My blog is built with Hippo CMS and the Hippo Site Toolkit. This means that I use the Xinha (Is Not HtmlArea) WYSIWYG editor to type the content of my blogposts. The Xinha editor does its job, but has its limitations. Editors may mess up the HTML ...