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  • What is bundled with Apache Rave?

    Published on

    When you download and run the demo binaries of Apache Rave you see the demo portal in your browser on http://localhost:8080. The demo portal is built using Spring MVC for the request handling, Spring Security to manage access to the portal and...

  • Apache Rave (Incubating) demo: add user and widget

    Published on

    Apache Rave is rapidly evolving to a production ready web and social mashup engine. This demo video shows you how a user can sign up, add existing widgets to his pages and add a completely new widget. reCAPTCHA and fetching the widget metadata were...

  • Apache Rave presentation at the ROLE developer camp

    Published on

    This is the presentation I gave about Apache Rave during the ROLE project developer camp in Leuven, Belgium: Can’t see the presentation? You can download the PDF (1.1 MB).

  • Apache Rave on your iPhone

    Published on

    One of the newest features in Apache Rave (Incubating) is a mobile view for the portal. Using Spring Mobile, the portal detects that the visitor uses a mobile device and renders a more lightweight view. The title bar is bigger to make it easier to...

  • Apache Rave demo video

    Published on

    I’ve been working a lot on Apache Rave lately. Apache Rave is a new light-weight, open source portal that uses OpenSocial gadgets and W3C widgets to render content. You may have already used OpenSocial gadgets in iGoogle or Atlassian Jira without...

  • Google+ minus 1

    Published on

    A social network is like the new hip club in town. The innovators start a place that is hip, maybe a bit underground. They invite their friends who are not mainstream but know how to create a good atmosphere. Those early adopters invite their friends...

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