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  • Coffee gone, is that 404 or 410?

    Published on

    The Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol (HTCPCP/1.0) is most known for its own status code 418 (I’m a teapot). For most other status codes the specification says that normal HTTP return codes are used to indicate difficulties of the HTCPCP...

  • It works on my machine — Maven site plugin

    Published on

    Today I had a very strange case with the Maven site plugin using Maven 2.2. The site and the reports built fine on my machine but failed on several other machines. One of these was the server that hosts the documentation so I had to fix it. It failed...

  • Freemarker as HST rendering template

    Published on

    The common templating engine for HST sites is JSP. Most Java web developers know it and there are plenty of libraries available. However JSP is not the only possibility to render your page. Woonsan wrote blogposts about using Spring MVC with the HST....

  • Open sourced my Hippo blog

    Published on

    Half a year ago I started making my own blog using Hippo CMS and Hippo Site Toolkit. I didn’t like the Blogger tagsoup, wanted to use HTML5 and CSS3. I also wanted to control my data. Yes there are maybe more blogging engines than toothpaste brands...

  • Videos of the Fronteers 2010 conference

    Published on

    Back in 1995 the web was pretty simple. Most webpages were either boring serif text on a grey background or were completely built up with images which made them very slow to load in Mosaïc using a 14k4 modem. Then the font, blink and marquee tags...

  • Reusing content with Hippo CMS

    Published on

    It may sound very simple, but it’s something we have to keep telling: in Hippo CMS you’re managing content, not webpages. Even for a simple site as mine, a document can appear in multiple forms. There’s the detail page of a blog post which you may...

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