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  • Generate the robots.txt from Hippo CMS

    Published on

    The robots.txt is a response from your website that is unimportant for your human visitors but very important for search engine crawlers. That’s why we created a Hippo CMS / Hippo Site Toolkit (HST) plugin to manage the robots.txt in the CMS and...

  • The Google Future

    Published on

    It’s 2012. EU regulations require a choice between at least 2 operating systems when buying a new computer. Since the introduction of these regulations the Windows market share dropped to 15% on new computers, against 65% for Google Chrome OS...

  • Hippo Site Toolkit Query interface and pagination

    Published on

    Today an interesting question came from a developer of one of our implementation partners. He wanted to list items from our JCR repository and use pagination. In this post I tried to make a summary out of the conversation. The query was: HstQuery...

  • I don’t want to register before downloading

    Published on

    Okay I just wanted to try the “community edition” of some software. So I clicked on the big download button and then… I had to login. Because I don’t have an account yet I had to register first. So I filled in all required field like my email address...

  • Hippo developer training

    Published on

    Hippo let me follow the three day developer training for CMS 7 and Hippo Site Toolkit 2 (HST2) by Jeroen Reijn. I don’t live inside a cocoon so I knew already which new products had been developed. Until now I hadn’t done any implementation yet with...

  • My Friday at ApacheCon Europe 2009

    Published on

    Last Friday I went to the third conference day of ApacheCon Europe 2009. Becoming a Tomcat superuser In this “Geeks for geeks” session Mark Thomas explained about the Subversion structure of the Apache Tomcat project and how to build the several...

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